About Bodies by Pilates

Bodies by Pilates in Las Vegas is a unique studio with a friendly, warm and tranquil atmosphere located in Henderson convenient to Anthem.

This Las Vegas Pilates studio was founded in 2004 by Paula Kalish. Her lasting vision has been to create an environment where all are welcome to enjoy the benefits of Pilates, with the latest design in Pilates Equipment.

We specialize in personalized care – working one on one with a Pilates instructor in private Pilates sessions. If you have someone with whom you would like to work out with, duets and small groups can be scheduled.

We also have small group Pilates reformer classes in the weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Bodies by Pilates Instructors
“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.” Joseph Pilates

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  • Improve Physical State

    Lung Capacity, Circulation, Flexibility, Muscle Strength, Coodination, Balance, Spine Stabilzation, Posture and more

  • Improve Mental State

    Concentration, Body Awarenes, Stress Management and Relaxation. Confidence in improved posture and body image.

  • Customized Mind Body Fitness

    For rehabilitating or preventing injuries realted to muscle imbalances, postural deviations including scoliosis, pre natal, and post natal.

Benefits of Pilates

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The main focus at Bodies by Pilates is private Pilates sessions. If you have someone with whom you would like to work out with duets can also be arranged.

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In response to the current trend of group fitness classes, we have developed small group Pilates equipment classes that maintain an impeccable standard of instruction.