Benefits of Pilates

When practiced consistently pilates can yield numerous benefits for all ages and levels of athletic fitness:

  • Increased lung capacity and circulation
  • Strength and flexibility of the abdomen and back muscles
  • Muscular and mental coordination, teaching efficient patterns of movement
  • Increased bone density and joint range of motion
  • Positive body awareness and mental clarity
  • Increased spinal flexion and extension
  • Long lean muscle development leading to a loss of inches

Customized for you

Our goal is to provide professional training for our clients and their specific needs. The large repertoire of exercises ranges from basic to master levels, so regardless of your current level of fitness, from sedentary office worker to fitness enthusiast, Pilates can be your primary mode of body conditioning and injury prevention.


Recognized by physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedists, the pilates method of conditioning can also be integrated into rehabilitative exercise and physical therapy programs.

Pre & Post Natal Pilates

Prenatal second trimester Pilates Squat on the cadillac
The method can also be used by pregnant women to learn proper breathing and body alignment, improve concentration, strength and recover body shape and tone after pregnancy.

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