Note From Paula

Bodies by Pilates Las Vegas

Welcome to the first edition of the Bodies by Pilates e-Newsletter. My vision when opening Bodies by Pilates in 2004 was to create a friendly, open and tranquil environment where all would be welcome to learn and enjoy the many benefits of Pilates. I am grateful for your trust and loyalty these many years, and I look forward to our …

10 Hour Starter Package

Bodies by Pilates Las Vegas

10 Hour Intro Pilates Package The 10 hour Intro Pilates Package is geared towards new clients who know that they are interested in taking group classes.

Pilates for Back Pain

Bodies by Pilates Las Vegas

Learning awareness of neutral spine alignment and strengthening the deep postural muscles that support this alignment are important skills for anyone with back pain. For this reason Pilates conditioning is recognized as an effective rehabilitative method by physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedists. Consistent practice improves postural asymmetries, decreasing wear and tear resulting from uneven stresses on the intervertebral joints and …

A Valuable Lesson Learned

Suffering from migraines brought on by degenerative disc disease in my neck, I turned to Pilates 13 years ago hoping to gain tools to control debilitating chronic pain. And it worked! The migraines subsided as I strengthened my core, learned proper body mechanics, and acquired the mind-body connection necessary to protect my neck from injury. Then, after 10 years of …