Note From Paula

Bodies by Pilates Las Vegas

Welcome to the first edition of the Bodies by Pilates e-Newsletter.

My vision when opening Bodies by Pilates in 2004 was to create a friendly, open and tranquil environment where all would be welcome to learn and enjoy the many benefits of Pilates.

I am grateful for your trust and loyalty these many years, and I look forward to our continued work together in the lifelong practice that is Pilates.

I say “lifelong” because by combining mental concentration, muscle control and purposeful breathing, Pilates practice improves posture, maximizes flexibility and builds strength for people of all ages.

At Bodies by Pilates, I am proud to say we provide each and every client with the most skilled professional training available based on individual goals and needs.

Now we want to support the important work we do together in the studio with useful information that will help you maintain that critical mind-body connection as you go about your daily life.

We hope you will help us maximize the value of this publication going forward by suggesting topics you would like us to address. We welcome your comments and ideas because this is for you.

To your good health,

Paula Kalish