Pilates for Life

I am a 65 year old woman who is devoted to exercising and staying healthy and strong. For 45 years, I played competitive racquetball mostly with men, ran 3-4 times a week, attended aerobic classes, went to gym at least 3-4 weeks and used cardio and weight equipment. I realized at age 65 my body was changing where I am not as strong; flexible; don’t have as good of balance or good posture; and I am losing my muscle tone.

So, I did some research and found that Pilates may help me overcome some of the challenges I was having with aging. I had an opportunity to attend a Pilates class and I thought this was perfect for me. A friend recommended the Bodies by Pilates on W. Horizon Ridge, in Henderson. I contacted the studio and was fortunate enough to be able to join and be assigned to Kiera Goetz as my teacher. I realized after a short period of time working with Kiera how lucky I was to be assigned to her because of her passion to Pilates and most importantly her passion to making her clients feel better, stronger and healthier.

Kiera’s goal is to make sure we achieve our goal and to make sure that we are effectively engaged with the different type of exercises she teaches us.   She helps us focus on specific muscles, and positions our bodies to achieve the best results. During each exercise she watches every move of our body until we master the specific exercise and then we move on to new exercise which is harder and more challenging. I have never experienced a boring class or a disappointing session. Nor, have I ever participated with any type of exercise or trainer that made me feel better mentally and physically.

Within one year, I am definitely stronger in my core, have better posture, more flexible, and I’m healthier mentally and physically. Not to mention, I no longer experience back pain.

I associate Pilates with Kiera and they both are part of my life and routine and I cannot imagine living without them. Because of this studio’s commitment and passion for their clients, I will never even think of leaving to another studio regardless of the price, not to mention leaving Kiera as my teacher and mentor. I often joke with Kiera and ask her if I will be able to exercise with her when I am 80, and she responds with a smile on her face “you should be able to and that is why I do this”.

I know because of my commitment and her dedication and passion I will be exercising for the rest of my life regardless to my age. Not to mention how beautiful, inviting, and clean the studio is, it is smaller type studio so the teachers can focus on each client and make sure they achieve their expectation.   I have to say that Bodies by Pilates is my second home and I am so thankful to have found this studio and Kiera as my teacher.

Haigohe Miller