Category: About the Pilates Method

  • Prenatal Pilates

    Prenatal Pilates

    For our prenatal clients we offer private prenatal Pilates instruction designed specifically for all pregnancy trimesters keeping the “momma to be” fit and healthy.

  • Posture Affects Your Health

    Posture Affects Your Health

    By Paula Kalish, Owner, Bodies By Pilates – Henderson, NV At Bodies By Pilates, posture is the foundation upon which we build all movement. We are pretty strict about it, too, because all the work we do to build our bodies to their greatest strength, and ultimately greatest health, cannot be achieved without first accomplishing…

  • A Standing Full-Body Workout

    A Standing Full-Body Workout

    On the CoreAlign® At Bodies By Pilates, we provide our clients with the most advanced tools available to help you achieve maximum strength, flexibility and stability. One of our most powerful and versatile tools is the CoreAlign®. CoreAlign® is unique because it emphasizes an upright, standing position designed to improve posture, balance and functional movement.…

  • Pilates For Your Golf Game

    Pilates For Your Golf Game

    How Pilates Improves Your Golf Game While Reducing Risk of Injury   Golf is generally regarded as a low-risk sport. Yet, this wildly popular, lifelong pursuit is associated with a surprising number of debilitating injuries. According to the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, 40 percent of amateur golfers and 60 percent of professional golfers…

  • Pilates for Back Pain

    Pilates for Back Pain

    Learning awareness of neutral spine alignment and strengthening the deep postural muscles that support this alignment are important skills for anyone with back pain. For this reason Pilates conditioning is recognized as an effective rehabilitative method by physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedists. Consistent practice improves postural asymmetries, decreasing wear and tear resulting from uneven stresses…